Guncraft packs the heat with its preorder scheme

Now here's something to add to your Guncraft calendar, right next to the recently revealed release date —Guncraft's "officially" opening preorders in the lead-up to its "official" release. I put that word in quotes because though Guncraft is already sort of technically out there in the world of playability and preorders have been going for a good while, this is the first time any kind of preorder bonus has been revealed.

Right, so anyone who heads over to the Exato Games website and hits the preorder button now will received a package of Cubetron-related goods, including a character skin, a rifle skin, and a tileset with which to build gloriously cubey levels. As with anyone who has preordered Guncraft previous to this announcement, you'll also gain instant access to the beta—however, there's no word on whether previous preorderers will be retroactively gifted with the space-age Cubetron bonuses.

Apart from the official Guncraft site , you'll also be able to place preorders at, Desura, and Green Man Games. And, as the press release so stridently reminds me, you'll want to spare your thumb for the Greenlight campaign if you're hoping to play this on Steam .