Guild Wars 2's Living World heads for the Shiverpeaks with next episode

The third episode of the third season of the third...wait, no the second Guild Wars game began a few days ago, as detailed on the official site here. A Crack in the Ice is appropriately wintry, as it's set in the northern part of the Shiverpeaks: a place that will bring you closer in your quest of learning more about those pesky Elder Dragons.

Explore the "noxious Nightmare Fractal", make a "legendary" new chum, and construct a cracking new shield named, improbably, "Shooshadoo". Shoosha-do you like the look of this?

Less excitingly, the episode brings a few "quality-of-life updates for World vs. World". That's nice, but it's no Shooshadoo. Here's a trailer:

(Cheers, Blue's News.)

Tom Sykes

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