Guild Wars 2 to reward Guild Wars players with sweet loot

Guild Wars 2 tabby cat

Arenanet have announced that players will be able to use the achievements of their Guild Wars 1 characters to unlock some tasty loot in Guild Wars 2. They've even put together a calculator so you can input the name of your character and get an advanced peek at your rewards. If you don't have a Guild Wars character you can still check out the demo calculator and get a preview of the sort of loot you can expect to be picking up when the game's released next year.

Eyeing up the list, there's a few neat items. You can't go wrong with something like the Fiery gloves of the human god Balthazar, or the Living Longbow (it must be hard to miss with two of you aiming), but I have already found a firm favourite. One which I fear may cause me to go back and play the first game, just so I can earn it. It is this cat. EPIC CAT.

There's plenty of dangerous and fun sounding things on the list, including a black widow spider pet, a cute robo-golem thing, an antique rifle and an eternally burning torch, but which is your favourite?

Tom Senior

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