Guild Wars 2 Halloween update to launch four act adventure and paid PvP tournaments

A big Halloween update is due to hit Tyria on October 22, initiating "an epic adventure in four acts" that will culminate on the eve of October 31. That's according to a new page on the Guild Wars 2 site teasing a new dynamic events, jumping puzzles mini dungeons and achievements for many areas. We can look forward to/tremble in fear at the prospect of the return of Mad King Thorn . He's had plenty of practice terrifying citizens in Guild Wars 1.

It looks as though this will be a free update for those who own the game, but there will be special costumes and items available to buy in the Black Lion in-game shop. The update also launches paid PvP tourneys. These will reward players with better loot for participating, but require tickets to enter. They can be won through free tournaments or bought with real money in the gem store.

Judging from the sumptuous concept art heading up the Halloween page, we can look forward a transformed Tyria over the next few weeks. Click on the images below to get a closer look.

Tom Senior

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