Guild Wars 2 beta weekend: join the PC Gamer European community!

Guild Wars 2 Red Team

The first Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event for pre-purchase players begins tonight at 8pm GMT (12pm PDT). European players are cordially invited to join the PC Gamer community in exploring the game for the first time.

The leader of our Guild Wars community, Archernick, has rallied the troops on the Desolation EU server. He's started a thread on the PC Gamer forum where you can find out more and share your contact details. There's also a thread on downloading the GW2 client if you've already got access.

The weekend will give players a chance to try out the human, norn and charr starting areas. Having played all three, I'd recommend the charr: the humans have the most impressive opening sequence, but Guild Wars 2's cat people get a tech-fantasy metropolis built around an enormous iron ball, affectionately nicknamed the 'Death Charr' by the developers. Their leader is voiced by Steve Blum, better known for playing Grunt in Mass Effect. They're basically adorable furry krogan. Who fight ghosts.

You'll also get to give Guild Wars 2's World vs. World PvP a try - check out our recent video for a first-hand look, or last month's preview for more information.

Chris Thursten

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