Guard plays Plants vs Zombies, inmates escape

PVZ thumb

Five prisoners escaped a police precinct in Cagayan de Oro in the Phillipines by stealing the duty officer's keys. That's not PC gaming news! But they only managed to steal the keys because the guard was engrossed in PopCap's casual garden-defense game Plants vs Zombies, likely installed on an office computer. We feel your pain, sir or madam.

What you should really do is have the inmates play Plants vs Zombies. "Juan, we've got the keys, let's go!" "Wait! I've got to stop these Gargantuars! My Tall Nuts can't take that kind of damage!" Of course, we've all been there (wrapped up in a game, not breaking out of a Filipino prison). This one time, I was so busy playing Torchlight that I forgot to go into work. What's your most embarrassing story of gaming engrossment?

[ Global Nation via Reddit ]