GTA Online invites real-world DJ Dixon to Los Santos, adds new plane and music

Hot on the heels of real-world superstar DJs Solomun and Tale of Us, the Berlin-based house and techno producer Dixon is GTA Online's latest After Hours inductee. This week's update also adds the B-11 Strikeforce aircraft, and exclusive music from Tale Of Us to the game's new LSUR radio station—including tracks from the duo's upcoming Afterlight album. Furthermore, Guest Listers claim another complimentary GTA$100,000, and two free rides: the HVY Nightshark and Ubermacht Revolter. 

Designed for the "fine art of air support", Rockstar says the B-11 Strikeforce can fly high enough "to dodge the rippling inferno of its own explosive cannon fire", and low enough "to see the look on [your enemies'] faces." Courtesy of GTA Series Videos, here's the $3.8 million vessel in motion:

Onto discounts and freebies, and last week's portfolio of reduced property rolls over—while new sales see the Nagasaki Buzzard and Havoc coming in at $1,312,500 and $1,725,675 each, 25 percent less their normal price. I myself own a flying Deluxo, an Oppressor, an Avenger and a Buzzard, and I reckon the latter (weaponised, of course) is the most efficient way to tour San An from the sky.  

As noted above, Guest List signees who sign in before August 13 receive another $100,000 bonus and a couple of free cars. The Ubermact Revolter is my favourite of the two, which was introduced as an extension of December's Doomsday Heist. Tool that bad boy up with some guns and you're good to go. 

Before you do, here's how to get the Red Dead Redemption 2 stone hatchet and $250,000 of free money in GTA Online.