GTA Online gets a new electric sports car and assassination mode with double $GTA and experience

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Not long after the release of GTA Online (opens in new tab)'s Air Quota mode comes another addition to its extensive list of adversary modes this week: Hardest Target, where 4-16 players across two teams have to kill the other's target while guarding their own. That's live in the game now, and you can get double experience and $GTA when playing it until 5 February—which is pretty standard with the debut of new competitive modes. 

These new modes are a decent excuse for jumping back into the game and seeing how easy it is to make a bit of quick money. And you'll need extra cash to buy GTA's newest sports car, the Pfister Neon, a slick electric vehicle which will set you back $1.5 million from Legendary Motorsport. I like to offer real cash context on these purchases: in Shark Card terms, that car would set you back slightly more than the Great White £12/$20 card, which nets you $1.25 million. If you've not done the Red Dead 2 challenge (opens in new tab) yet either, that's another $250,000 without spending actual money. 

If you're after Bunker-related purchases this week, the following are discounted:

  • Farmhouse Bunker—25% off
  • Thomson Scrapyard Bunker—25% off
  • Bunker Renovations—25% off 
  • Mobile Operation Center Cabs—25% off

You can also save 25% on special cargo warehouses and executive office renovations this week, plus 35% on PCG editor Phil Savage's favourite GTA helicopter, the cargobob. There's also a 25% discount on the lovely LF-22 Starling glider aircraft, the Grotti Cheetah Classic, vehicle armour and bulletproof tires. 

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