GTA Online adds vintage sports car, Smuggler's Run missions get double $GTA and experience

Having spent some time earning a living in GTA Online buying and selling special cargo, I recently segued into boosting cars. Capturing the rarest models is fast becoming an obsession, which means I'll now be on the lookout for Legendary Motorsport's latest release—the Karin 190z, a new "Sports Classic" that's loosely modeled on Nissan's old school S30/Datsun's 280z and costs $900,000.

I really can't express how much I enjoy belting down the Los Santos Freeway while listening to Backstreet Boys—but if you're more of the bikes or boats persuasion, you might like to know that biker business sales earn 25 percent more GTA$ at the moment, and that yachts are subject to a limited-time 30 percent discount. 

Moreover, double GTA$ and RP has been applied to all Smuggler's Run missions; while special cargo sales have been slashed by a quarter of their regular value, too.

And of course don't forget to sign in to GTA Online between now and February 26, lest you miss out on $250,000-worth of free in-game money. More details on all of the above can be found via Rockstar's newswire