GTA Online adds Ubermacht Revolter, extends Air Quota bonuses this weekend

Earlier this week, GTA Online introduced the classy Cadillac Escada Con—um, I mean, the Ubermacht Revolter to its Legendary Motorsport car dealerships for $1.61 million. I like the tagline: "Looks for the red carpet. Power for when the deal goes south." If my prior GTA Online misadventures are anything to go by, I'll be far more reliant on the latter scenario.  

And for when the inevitable screw ups roll in, upgrading my new ride with a forward-facing machine gun mount should come in handy—as should double GTA$ and RP, if I decide to wheel the Revolter around any of the game's Rockstar-created stunt and land races between now and Monday, January 29. 

Then again, with less in the way of squad cars, lampposts and, you know, brick walls, perhaps I'm better heading skyward. The same two-for-one bonus applies to GTA Online's newest Air Quota adversary mode during the same window. But if I can't be trusted behind the wheel, I am really the right person to be in control of an attack helicopter? I guess there's only one way to find out.  

After a flurry into some Grand Theft Auto roleplaying servers recently, I've allowed myself to be re-swallowed by GTA Online and it's been a real case of get rich or die trying. I'm always closer to the latter, but at least I can hope (who I am kidding, I can't afford this) to do so in style. Look, see: