GTA Online adds Pfister Comet SR, 25% off Mammoth Avengers, double GTA$ and RP on Special Vehicle missions

Grand Theft Auto's Pfister Comet has been one of my favourite rides since its Vice City intro—second only to the Banshee. The Porsche 911/996 GT2-styled brief now welcomes its SR edition to GTA Online, alongside a pretty impressive aircraft sale, and double GTA$ and RP bonuses on Special Vehicle, Gunrunning, Air Quota and Rockstar-created Transform race missions. 

At $1,145,000 of in-game dough, the Comet SR boasts top tier speed, which compliments its maxed out traction stats. Its pre-tuning acceleration sits a nose hair below the highest mark, but its brake power is well below average. Again, I'm a fan of its rear-wheel-driving standard GTA 5/Online edition, but, on stats alone, the SR sounds like good bang for your buck nevertheless.

I might check it out in motion, given my San Andreas State Tax Refund has come through. But then again, I might wax my cash on GTA Online's latest aircraft and facility discounts. They're detailed here:

Aircraft Discounts:

  • Mammoth Avenger—25% off.
  • P-996 Lazer—25% off.
  • Volatol—25% off (Buy it Now & Trade Price).
  • Western Company Seabreeze—25% off (Buy it Now & Trade Price).

Facility Upgrades:

  • Facility Style—25% off.
  • Facility Graphics—25% off.
  • Security Room—25% off.

Vehicle Discounts:

  • Mobile Operations Center Cabs—30% off.
  • HVY Insurgent Pick-Up (Off-Road)—30% off Buy it Now & Trade Prices.
  • HVY Nightshark (Off-Road)—30% off.
  • Declasse Yosemite (Muscle)—25% off.
  • Vapid Riata (Off-Road)—25% off.

As mentioned above, Special Vehicle, Gunrunning, Air Quota and Rockstar-created Transform race missions are also subject to double GTA$ and double RP this week. More information on that and all of the above can be found this-a-way