GTA 5 trailer delayed, have these posters instead

Hurricane Sandy has derailed Rockstar's plans to release a new trailer of the game that's coming to consoles ' Spring 2013 ' and to PC '*shrugs shoulders*', but as a consolation prize they did unleash two - two! - GTA V posters that are absolutely loaded with Clues. As revealed on Game Informer , the first shows that there will be at least two women in the game (one of them wearing a Love Fist T-shirt), while the second shows an angry guy with an angry dog - an angry dog called Chop. You may have seen the second image somewhere before , but the first is all new.

But what does it all mean? Well, probably nothing, but we've just noticed that the above cop is named 'Vasquez', in a presumed reference to Aliens. We're obviously in for a Colonial Marines crossover mission, then, hopefully one where we finally play as Burke. That aside, the non-mention of a PC version continues to annoy. We suspect Rockstar will release it several months after the console ones, with a retuned engine, a smoother gearbox, and maybe even a bit of DLC. If they package it as a bundle with their other console game everyone keeps requesting - Table Tennis, obviously - then all the better. Full images below.

Tom Sykes

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