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GTA 5 mod unleashes terror from the skies

12f53e Angryplanesfinal

Update: We have been alerted that this mod contains the keylogging malware Fade.exe. Details, including information on how to remove it, are available here. We did not detect the malware when we first reported on the mod, and apologize for the error.

Chris highlighted Angry Planes in our updated list of the best GTA 5 mods, but I'm going to give it some extra attention. I love mods that give GTA's NPCs the tools to fight back against its murderous protagonists. Pedestrian Riots is a firm favourite, and this looks equally absurd.

Put simply, it spawns lots of planes nearby, and makes them all hate you. Cue video:

Mostly the planes will attempt to shoot you down, but you can also enable a 'Kamikaze' mode—which is a little dark. However you like your death from above, I can't imagine lasting long amid this aerial assault.

As always, the standard GTA 5 mod caveats apply. Namely, be sure to delete this and any other mods before going online.

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