GTA 5 Land Grab adversary mode lets players duel in Tron-like arenas

In the last few entries GTA singleplayer has retreated a little from the jetpack-powered shenanigans of earlier editions. GTA Online has picked up the slack with wild racetracks, remarkable co-op heists and a new adversary mode set in colourful Tron-esque cyberspace arenas.

In Land Grab you need to run over territory to spread your team's colour. Every minute the team with the most territory scores. Up to four teams can compete across seven maps, and the team with the most scores the end of the round wins.

The seven maps are linked on the Rockstar Games site if you want to bookmark them. To celebrate the launch of the new mode you learn double GTA$ and RP until Monday April 24.

Land Grab is one of a bunch of modes coming to GTA Online this spring, check out the GTA Online roadmap for more info.

Tom Senior

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