G.Skill’s new ‘Royal’ memory demands all other RAM kits to bend the knee

G.Skill has gone all fancy with its newest bid for the best RAM for gaming, ahem, crown. The company just launched its Trident Z Royal series, and what sets it apart from other RAM is a full-length crystalline light bar plopped on top of a polished heatspreader, with 8-zone RGB lighting, naturally.

It's unique enough that G.Skill filed for a patent on the design, which it says is currently pending. "The patent of the crystalline design on PC components has been applied for across major countries," G.Skill says.

The new memory kit is available with gold and silver heatspreaders, depending on your preference. Both versions sport the crystalline light bar, which is "meticulously crafted to display just the right amount of light refraction." G.Skill also includes a microfiber cloth with these kits so you can wipe away finger smudges and dust.

Beyond the bling, these are high performance kits available in a variety of speeds, up to DDR4-4600. There are over two dozen kits in all, including a couple of 128GB memory kits consisting of eight 16GB modules.

G.Skill didn't say what memory chips it's using for any of these kits, though we suspect Samsung B-die ICs might be found in some of the faster clocked ones, as G.Skill uses in some of its other Trident Z memory.

There's also no mention of price. We've asked G.Skill in the past to share pricing information and was told it doesn't do that because the market for memory often fluctuates. We'll find out soon enough though—G.Skill says the Trident Z Royal line will hit store shelves next month.

Paul Lilly

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