G.Skill’s 32GB DDR4-4266MHz memory kit is the fastest it gets at this capacity

G.Skill is once again thumping its chest, this time over a new 32GB kit of DDR4 memory that is fastest available in this capacity. It is a DDR4-4266MHz kit comprised of four 8GB modules, each one outfitted with Samsung B-die DDR4 ICs.

In announcing the new high-speed and somewhat high-capacity kit, G.Skill gave a shout out to Asus for the assist.

"Ever since the launch of Trident Z RGB almost a year ago, the largest capacity at DDR4-4266MHz was 2x8GB. In combination with the Asus OptiMem technology, which complements the T-Toplogy layout that uses equalized trace lengths, four-DIMM memory configurations have improved stability and increased frequency headroom. With the availability of this new optimization, G.Skill is doubling the Trident Z RGB kit capacity to operate at DDR4-4266MHz," G.Skill said.

The new kit is probably more capacity than most people need at the moment, and of course these higher frequencies we are seeing lately are of limited value outside of synthetic benchmarks and bragging rights. But if you are after those things, here it is.

G.Skill's kit sports timings set at 19-23-23-43. There is no mention of the voltage requirement, but as a point of reference, G.Skill's 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-4266 Trident Z RGB memory kit uses 1.4V. That kit also streets for around $261, so the new 32GB kit will likely end up costing in the neighborhood of $500, and maybe even closer to $600—the company's 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-3866 Trident Z RGB sells for $507 on Newegg.

If you have the requisite coin and the rare need (or desire) for a kit of this caliber, you'll have your chance to bring one home in December of this year.

Paul Lilly

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