G.Skill Ripjaws KM780R mechanical keyboard is on sale for $60 today

Buying a mechanical keyboard for gaming doesn't have to come at a high premium these days, especially if you can find one to your liking that is on sale. So it goes with G.Skill's Ripjaws KM780R MX—Newegg has it marked down to $59.99 today, down from its $119.99 list price.

The list price is a bit ambitious, though for much of the past year, it's been selling in the neighborhood of $80-$90. Newegg now has it marked down to one of the lowest prices we've seen this plank go for.

The version that's on sale uses Cherry MX Brown key switches, which are good for both gaming and typing—they have a tactile bump, silent travel, and medium actuation force. Check out our guide on key switches to see how they compare with other switches.

Other features include fully programmable keys, full n-key rollover and 100 percent anti-ghosting via USB, on-the-fly macro recording, dedicated media controls, and a column of gaming/macro keys on the left side.

Follow this link to grab this deal. Or check out our guide to the best gaming keyboards right now.

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Paul Lilly

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