G.Skill lays claim to world’s fastest 64GB memory kit for laptops and mini PCs

G.Skill has launched a new high-speed 64GB DDR4-3466 memory kit for laptops and small form factor PCs. Consisting of four 16GB SO-DIMM modules, this new kit is the fastest available at this capacity and form factor.

The new kit is also twice as capacious and nearly as fast as the 32GB DDR4-3800 memory G.Skill announced in October. That remains the fastest SO-DIMM RAM around, though both kits are built with "rigorously" binned Samsung B-die ICs. G.Skill hand selects only the best performing chips to ensure that these kits can maintain high frequencies.

Obviously not everyone needs blistering fast RAM and/or a high capacity SO-DIMM kit. But for those who do, G.Skill seems committed to fleshing out the market, thin as it might be.

"The need of faster and larger capacity memory kits continue to rise as modern day workloads increases in both capacity and weight. To tackle this need, G.Skill is expanding the delivery of maximum memory performance across all memory capacities; and by using 16GB SO-DIMM modules, high-end machines and workstation PCs can now be built in the size of a SFF system that can fit into a shoebox," G.Skill says.

This latest Ripjaws kit has its timings set at 17-17-17-37, slightly tighter than than 18-18-18-38 timings found on its 32GB DDR4-3800 kit. Since they're both using the same type of memory chips, users might be able to bump the frequency up to 3,800MHz by loosening the timings. That's not guaranteed, of course, and there wouldn't be much benefit anyway.

G.Skill says its new Ripjaws RAM will be available in the first quarter of next year. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Paul Lilly

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