G.Skill launches world's fastest SO-DIMM memory for small form factor PCs

High frequency memory kits might be of limited real world value, but G.Skill isn't concerning itself with that. Instead, it keeps on kicking out premium RAM at record speed ratings, the newest of which takes aim at small form builds and other setups that use SO-DIMM memory. Its latest kit checks in at 3,800MHz, making it the fastest SO-DIMM memory on the planet.

This is a 32GB DDR4 memory kit consisting of four 8GB SO-DIMM modules. It is part of G.Skill's Ripjaws family, which is supposed to be a step down from the Trident Z and offer "classic performance." More recently, however, there has been a blurring of the lines between the different kits in G.Skill's stable.

In this case, the new DDR4 Ripjaws SO-DIMM memory kit uses "ultra-high performance" Samsung B-die ICs. G.Skill said it validated the 3,800MHz speed rating on an ASRock's X299E-ITX/ac motherboard with an Intel Core i9-7900X processor.

"Extreme memory performance is now a reality with small-form factor workstations," G.Skill says.

The SO-DIMM form factor is also commonly found in laptops. G.Skill isn't pitching this angle, though we suspect it would work just fine in a high powered gaming laptop, provided you're interested in a 32GB DDR4-3800 SO-DIMM kit.

As for latencies, this kit runs at 18-18-18-38 and requires 1.35V. G.Skill also offers a 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-3600 version, along with 64GB (4x16GB) and 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-3200 kits, all of which run at 16-16-16-36 at the same voltage.

The new kits will be available in December. G.Skill did not announce pricing.

Paul Lilly

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