G.Skill adds two new mechanical keyboards to Ripjaws line

G.Skill's first foray into the mechanical keyboard market saw the release of its Ripjaws KM780 RGB, a well built plank with RGB lighting and choice of Cherry MX key switches. Now it's adding two additional models to its Ripjaws family, the KM570 MX and KM770 RGB, both of which also come in a variety of Cherry MX key switch options.

Starting with the lower end of the two, the KM570 MX is a basic looking keyboard that ditches the brushed aluminum motif of the KM780 for a plastic frame. It also lacks dedicated macro keys, though you can bind macros to other keys without using any software.

Same goes for the lighting. There are seven different lighting effect presets to cycle through, or you can create your own per-key lighting effect. You can also adjust the brightness and speed, and once you've done all that, the KM570 MX has enough storage space to save a single profile (macros are saved as well).

Other features include built-in media controls, dedicated volume control, n-key rollover, a Windows key lock, and a 2m braided USB cable.

Moving on, the KM770 RGB is a streamlined and revised version of the KM780 RGB. It has the same brushed aluminum top plate construction, but remodeled with a smaller footprint. G.Skill also redesigned the mouse cable holder to fit underneath the plank.

There's been an updating to the LED lighting as well. G.Skill says the lighting produces more vibrant colors than the KM780 RGB, while also expanding the lighting effects to the MR/Mode keys, special hotkeys, and media control keys in the top row.

As with the KM780 RGB, the KM770 RGB includes dedicated macro keys on the left-hand side. It also features on-the-fly macro recording and three profiles.

G.Skill didn't mention any prices, but did say the KM570 MX and KM770 RGB will be available by the end of the third quarter. Both will come with Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue key switch options.

Paul Lilly

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