Grid Autosport trailer details Endurance events

Endurance is not just a stat in Dark Souls 2, or the name of Shackleton's doomed ship - it's also an event type in Codemasters' upcoming GRID Autosport, which will have players driving around tracks for a really, really, really, really long time. Actually, throw a couple more reallys in there. The following trailer shows a glimpse of these events in action, interspersed with talking heads of (presumably) famous racing people who have been roped in to say things like 'drive shaft' and 'wheels'. The real meat lies in the accompanying press release, which has some interesting titbits to share about the event. Join me for a couple of laps after the break, won't you?

First, here's that trailer, which shows off various tracks in both the day and the nighttime.

Not a lot to go on admittedly, but the press release alongside it reveals that "players must manage tyre wear and race to a strategy in extended races which provide a true test of racing skill, patience and car management. As players race, they must manage their tyres which will lose grip as they break traction or go off track, affecting performance and handling as the race progresses. Players who look after their tyres will be faster towards the end of the race." Interesting stuff.

There's no indication of how long Endurance events will last in game time - they can last up to 24 hours in the real world, so I imagine there'll be a bit of time compression involved. GRID Autosport boasts four other 'disciplines', as explained at the time of the game's announcement : Touring Cars was detailed via a similar trailer last week, leaving Street races, Open-Wheel races, and another that hasn't been revealed yet to be trailed over the next few weeks.

The game itself is due out on June 24th in the US, and June 27th elsewhere.

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