Green Man Gaming community's game of the year revealed

Ah, the end of the year... That time when we can all reflect on the horrendous errors of judgement we've made since the last time we promised to never drink again. A time for the wearing of jumpers, the watching of classic movies such as Weekend At Bernie's 2 and the consumption of lard sandwiches...

And it's in this hinterland between Christmas revelry and starting back to work/college/school/jail properly that we can also look back on the best games of the year.

That's what the punters at online retailer Green Man Gaming have been doing too. And they've come up with their own top ten list of 2012 which features death, dishonour and plenty of animal slaughter. Afterall, the festive season is a chance for us to slay creatures and feast on their splayed, charred carcasses with family and friends. Happy holidays!

GMG community's games of the year

10. Max Payne 3

9. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition

8. Assassin's Creed III *

7. Hitman: Absolution

6. Guild Wars 2

5. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

4. Dishonored

3. Far Cry 3 *

2. The Walking Dead

1. Borderlands 2

* Only available from GMG in EU.

In association with Green Man Gaming. Read GMG blogger in residence James' take on all this gaming goodness in his GMG GOTY post .