Gravity-shifting puzzler Etherborn gets July release date

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If you're into wistful puzzle-platformers you should be keeping an eye on Etherborn (opens in new tab), a debut game from Barcelona-based indie studio Altered Matter. It looks beautiful, and it's out July 18th.

In its world, gravity shifts depending on which surface you're running on. You can run up walls, and the camera rotates as you move. It looks mind-bending without appearing too stressful: I'm hoping you'll be able to just explore the gorgeous world around you, taking in the sights and stumbling on the right route almost by accident.

New sections of the environment will appear as you reach them, throwing up different challenges. You'll be able to summon some of these sections by standing on buttons, as shown in the trailer at the top of this article.

Run up the walls.who's guided by a disembodied voice, and you must "go forth and seek your purpose". I'm curious to see how far it digs into the idea, but I'm also happy if the story is simply an excuse to move between levels.

If you're interested, the Steam page (opens in new tab) is here and the Humble Store page is here (opens in new tab). Etherborn was one of the games on Andy's list of 12 cool-looking indie games in development right now (opens in new tab), which you should definitely check out.

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