Graveyard Keeper is a blend of fantasy and capitalism that looks like Stardew Cemetery

Joining the small trend of 'roleplaying game NPCs made into full games' we've seen in games like Tavern Tycoon, Punch Club studio Lazy Bear Games has announced its next project, Graveyard Keeper, which it proudly proclaims as "the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of the year." As the head of a fledgling fantasy burial ground, you'll have to find ways to cut costs, keep the customers coming, do "whatever it takes to build a thriving business."   

And we're not just talking about keeping your payroll down. Hot dogs attract visitors, but wieners cost money—maybe there's some other "resource" lying around that could do the job? Or perhaps you're a big believer in the environment: Why waste all those... well, "resources," when they could be put to better use (sold) elsewhere? 

People have to make a living, right? 

As a proper fantasy management sim, you'll also be able to explore the surrounding countryside, including mysterious dungeons, collect resources (like, actual resources) and ingredients, and craft new items that may nor may not pose a danger to your neighbors. Hold witch-burning festivals. Scare the locals into going to church. Make money—whatever it takes.

Graveyard Keeper is currently slated for release in the summer. Before that, there will be an alpha test that you can sign up for at

Andy Chalk

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