Gratuitous Tank Battles treads new ground in Western Front expansion

Positech's inspired tower defence/strategy game Gratuitous Tank Battles has just been given an expansion, which returns the tank-obsessed title to its World-Warring roots. The DLC, available for a modest £4.84 , adds new American and German WWII units, plus a new single-player campaign comprising eight maps.

For the unfamiliar, Gratuitous Tank Battles takes place in an alternate future where World War I never ended. We were quite big on tanks back then, and that's continued to the year 2114. The Western Front moves the action back to 1944, which means lasers are out - at least for some of the missions - and old, authentic military equipment is in. Positech's Cliff Harris elaborates:

"Half the battles are set before the introduction of newer weapons such as mechs and lasers and are fought purely with the weapons of the time. The final 4 battles add modern weapons to the mix. Surely you have always wanted to fight against tiger tanks armed with laser guns?" Yes - yes we have Cliff, but it's rude to spy on our dreams.

The Western Front is available to buy direct from Positech , while other portals such as Steam will get it soon. If you want to spy before you buy, there's a DLC trailer below.

Tom Sykes

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