GTA 5 Vice City mod stunt montage gets nostalgic

From its wonderful team montages to its spectacular solo skits, I'm a keen admirer of Grand Theft Auto 5's stunt subculture. Evolve Stunting is one of most prolific crews on the scene—whose latest showcase exhibits some typically jaw-dropping set pieces within a familiar sunkissed playground.

The video is called 'Vice Vacation'. Prepare to feel nostalgic.

Using a Vice City map mod available via FiveM—the open source community modification best known for housing roleplay servers—the old school, faux-Miami landscape admittedly looks a bit tired against GTA 5's high definition character and vehicle models, but it's neat seeing some old haunts nonetheless. 

The enduring success of GTA Online and the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 (hopefully) this year suggests GTA 6 is a ways off. Part of me hopes the series breaks from its pseudo NYC-LA-Miami trifecta whenever it is announced—but when I see things like this, I remember how much I adored Vice. 

Perhaps a modern day VC would suffice? Wherever it lands, I can't wait to see what stunt crews like Evolve come up with when the time comes.

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