Grab premium time, in-game cash and a ship for World of Warships

World of warships

The creators of World of Tanks have released a free-to-play seaborne companion. World of Warships lets you build a collection of gunboats and aircraft carriers and sail them into team battles online for glory, and for the points you need to buy and upgrade new vessels. The tense, tactical action earned the game a score of 80 in our World of Warships review. If you fancy giving it a try, we've got a package of free goodies that will give you a good head start.

We have 20,000 codes to give away that unlock three days of premium game time, a cache of in-game doubloons and the Ishizuch Premium Japanese Ship. Note that the code will only work for new players on US accounts.

To get the code, follow the instructions in this widget and then apply the code to your World of Warships account.


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