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Grab our favourite gaming keyboard of the year before it's out of stock

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Here at PC Gamer we see our fair share of keyboards from all different makes and styles. We often split them into categories like wireless (opens in new tab) or mechanical (opens in new tab) to help rank them for different use cases. However, we do have a top spot overall for gaming (opens in new tab), and that belongs to the analogue master, the Wooting Two HE (opens in new tab).

If you've been eyeing off our favourite gaming keyboard ever, you might want to get in quick. According to the official Wooting Keyboard Twitter account (opens in new tab), the company is expecting to be out of stock of the keyboard by October. It also doesn't anticipate having stock again until the beginning of next year, so it'll be a long wait if you miss out.

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The Tweet also states this is partially due to diverting parts to Wooting's new 60% keyboard which is currently up for preorder. The website explains that while this keyboard is being mass produced, it is currently still receiving tonnes of preorders with the latest batch to ship in October. It's likely this will be an excellent TKL board but if you're looking for full size you'll want to get in quick for the Wooting Two HE.

Now, you won't find the Wooting Two HE on our best cheap gaming keyboard list. These go for $167 USD, but you're getting something a bit unique compared to most others on the market. The analogue switches mean they can measure distance being pressed, which some games and programs can read as more specific inputs. You can get a look at how these features can work in the video at the top of the page, and the ever excellent Jacob Ridley goes into a fair bit more detail on how they work in our review.

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While it's pretty rare to find games that use the feature, it's certainly nice to have, but it's not the only thing that makes this keyboard our top pick. The Wooting Two He has hot swappable keys, so if you ever need or want to replace any it's an easy affair. Plus there's a two year warranty if you're really concerned about durability.

As an added bonus the Wooting keyboards also have excellent software. The wonderfully named Wootility program can let you adjust your RGB profiles, analogue switch settings, and other little tweaks. It's clean and simple which is a big departure from many other similar software offerings making it surprisingly nice to use. Plus you can store the profile and software on the keyboard itself, making it able to load on other PCs instantly.

If you're already in possession of the keyboard of your dreams, don't forget you can still up your game. These shortcuts will give you the skills (opens in new tab) to elevate your keyboard mastery to a brand new level.

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