Grab a PCG Weekender ticket for a chance to win a $130 Loot Crate

Call of Duty

As you may have heard, we're running our first London live event on March 5/6: The PC Gamer Weekender. It will be full of new and upcoming games to play, we've got top developer talent flying in to present their upcoming games on our developer stages, and we'll be running tournaments, hardware experiments and competitions.

Speaking of competitions, how would you like to win a limited edition Call of Duty Loot Crate worth $130? If you book a ticket for the PC Gamer Weekender before midnight on Thursday Feb 25 you'll be automatically entered into a sweepstakes to become one of our four lucky winners.

That's not the only prize on offer at the PC Gamer Weekender. We'll be running tournaments for some high-tech gaming gear. Plus, Sega will be giving out scratchcards to everyone that visits their zone, each of which grants the scratcher a game from Sega's wide-ranging library of PC games. Oh, and when you buy a ticket you get a Steam key for Dustforce, the electrifying combat platformer that we gave 90% at review.

To enter the sweepstakes and earn a spot at the event, book here, and don't forget to apply the code PCG20 to knock 20% off the price of a standard ticket.

As for the CoD Loot Crate compo, here are the necessary terms and conditions.


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