Grab a PC Gamer Elite: Dangerous ship skin

Elite Dangerous skin

Update: Alas! The 10,000 keys were but a speck in the vast gulf of space and have now run out. If you missed out, you can find a code in this month's PC Gamer UK magazine.

Original: Why what is that handsome ship? The dark angles, the handsome blood-red highlights, it's the perfect look for deep-space tycoons and pirates alike. You could be the proud owner of this exclusive PC Gamer ship skin for the Cobra, if you enter today's competition.

The giveaway is celebrating Elite Dangerous' ongoing Horizons expansion, which will add new features throughout the year, and already lets players land on planets so they can shoot space barnacles. To enter, simply follow the instructions in the widget below. We've got 10,000 keys to give away; first come, first served.

If you get a code, you can redeem it at If you're already playing Elite Dangerous you'll have an account; if not, you'll need to set one up.

Login, click 'My Account' then 'Product Access Key' and input your code.


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