Gotham Knights is launching a whole 4 days early

Batman's dead, chaos reigns, but Gotham's vigilantes are hitting the streets a few days earlier than planned to kick, punch, and baton crime in the face. After a major delay pushed it out of 2021, Gotham Knights was set to hit PC and consoles on October 25.

The release has now moved up to October 21.

I feel like I've seen a whole lot of Gotham Knights' heroes and action by this point, so the Gamescom trailer's focus on villains was a welcome change. Harley Quinn's appearance here looks a bit boring compared to Margot Robbie's gleeful energy in Birds of Prey or the sharply funny HBO Max animated series, but the game also stars Clayface. Who doesn't love Clayface? (Again, you should really watch that Harley Quinn cartoon).

Mr. Freeze is another major baddie in Gotham Knights, and if his boss fight is anywhere near as clever as the one in Arkham City, we're in for a good time. The Court of Owls round out the villain lineup that Warner Bros. has shown off so far, but surely there will be some surprises, too. My bet's on a depressed, despondent Riddler who just hasn't been the same since Batman stopped solving his riddles. Maybe we'll be able to do something about that.

Both Steam and the Epic Games Store are still currently showing the old release date, but Gotham Knights should be available on both October 21.

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Wes Fenlon
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