Gorgeous RTS card game hybrid Golem Gates coming this March

Golem Gates is a card-powered RTS game from former Epic Games folks. It launched on Steam Early Access last December, and developer Laser Guided Games says it will officially release on March 28. 

One main goal of the card system is fast-forwarding through the building stage seen in most RTS games. Your units and buildings are determined by the 'glyphs' you put into your deck, which can also contain traps, buffs and debuffs. You deploy glyphs as you draw them, speeding up development and putting a bit of RNG into each match. 

As it stands, Golem Gates supports multiple singleplayer and multiplayer modes, including bot fights, standard PvP, and survival mode. A full campaign is also planned for the final release, along with additional maps. Nearly 100 different glyphs are also already available. 

Golem Gates is a collaborative effort by Laser Guided Games and their partner Hollow Earth, a design studio containing visual artists who worked on films like Avengers: Infinity War, which shows in its dark yet flashy artwork. The studio says it's set in a dark fantasy world, but its plentiful and pretty particle effects are anything but. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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