GOG launches new indie game portal, invites submissions

Good Old Games Indie Portal

With the launch of a new Indie Games Portal , GOG has emerged as a competitor for indie gamers money, going head-to-head with Steam's Greenlight service. GOG's new portal answers a lot of complaints about Greenlight, but what's not clear is how they'll live up to their numerous promises.

GOG has been a great place to find classic games with no DRM, something everyone new to PC gaming needed to explore the back catalog of legendary games from the olden times. GOG has also started to sell newer titles, mostly indie games, but never through a channel as formal as this.

According to the indie portal page, GOG is offering developers an advance on royalties if they need extra cash to complete the game and guaranteed feedback on all submitted games (accepted or not). GOG also promises a dedicated publicity campaign for each new release.

This new venue could be great for indie developers, and what's good for indie gaming is good for PC gaming as a whole. As for Steam, well, maybe some competition will help spur them to clean up their Greenlight procedures . I just hope that GOG is ready for the deluge of indie submissions that are about to come pouring through its doors.