Golden Joysticks 2011 voting extended, vote now or forever hold your peace

Golden Joysticks thumb

Games are great, as we all know. But some games are greater than others, and some people tend to disagree on which games are the greatest. That is why we have the Golden Joysticks 2011 . They let us use the power of democracy to decide which games are the greatest ONCE AND FOR ALL (until next year).

The thing is, you people have too many opinions about games. Voting on the Golden Joysticks was supposed to close today, but there are still those out there who want their opinion to be known. And Lo, so it came to pass that voting on the Golden Joysticks was extended until 4pm, Monday October 17.

But SERIOUSLY. Look at my face. Okay, you can't see my face. But it is Deadly Serious. There are brilliant PC games in some of those categories that deserve to win everything, including Total War: Shogun 2, The Witcher 2, Civilization V, Minecraft. Oh, and you stand a chance to win a top of the range Alienware gaming laptop if you vote in every category. Head over to the Golden Joysticks site and make it so.

Tom Senior

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