GOG release The Witcher 2 sales stats. Steam dominates all competitors combined

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Thumbnail

Valve don't like sales charts. In fact, they've referred to them as a " step backwards for the industry ." That means we never get to see exactly how many games are sold on the digital distribution service.

But now we have some sales figures! Good Old Games' Guillaume Rambourg has been talking to Gamesindustry.biz about The Witcher 2's sales on GOG.com , Direct2Drive , Impulse , Gamersgate , and Steam .

Click through for the stats.

Direct2Drive, Impulse and Gamersgate's combined sales combined hit only 10,000 sales of CD Projekt's RPG, whereas GOG managed to shift a cool 40,000 copies.

Then there's Steam. Valve's digital distribution service managed to shift 200,000 copies in the same time period. That's 4x it's competitor's sales figures combined. Impressive stats, but Steam's dominance over the digital distribution market isn't that surprising, Tom discussed the very subject with GPG's Chris Taylor earlier this year. The Supreme Commander dev thinks the " playing field's gonna level out " over the next five years. His seminal RTS was released on Steam in October this year.

Last night we heard the sad news that Steam's database has been hacked . You might want to change your password if you haven't already.