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GOG has "gotten really far" in talks with either Microsoft, Take-Two, or LucasArts

It's mystery time! During a chat yesterday with Trevor Longino, Head of PR & Marketing at GOG , I mentioned I'd really like Microsoft to let them sell Freelancer. All this Star Citizen business is making me pine for it, but I can't find my original CD. It's very sad. In response, Longino pointed out that he still has his original Freelancer CD, but also shared the news that GOG is currently working out a deal with either Microsoft, Take-Two, or LucasArts. So I may or may not get Freelancer, but there's no losing.

"Well, we announced two years ago what our top five targets are," said Longino. "We've signed two of them, and what we have left now are Microsoft, Take-Two, and LucasArts. We've gotten really far in talks with one of those guys, and we believe probably right around the time of the next big press conference we'll be able to say, 'Here, we have these games.'

"They're really exciting, and our test team is starting to look at them, because we pretty much have it worked out with these guys. So now we're just talking about what games we can have, what games [they] have advice for. It should be awesome news for classic gamers. These games are such great games, even new gamers should be able to say, 'This is an awesome game.' There are tons of really good releases we're working on signing on the classic games front."

Sorry LucasArts fans, I'm still hoping for Freelancer. Check back tomorrow for the transcript of my chat with Longino, in which we discuss Windows 8, Mac gaming, and the challenges of Linux support.

Tyler Wilde

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