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Godus receives a "substantial" update; now features less clicking, more dragging

I haven't played Godus, but its early alpha reviews gave the impression of a title that was more carpal tunnel roulette than game. Today, the 22 Cans team are hoping to address those criticisms with a new "Beta V2.0" update that, they say, "substantially" changes the feel of the game. Peter Molyneux runs people through the update in a new video, explaining big added features like mouse-drag.

He's almost avuncular, but then says things like, "it feels smooth and delicious to do."

In a post on Steam , 22 Cans explain why it's been so long since the Godus's last update. "It's taken a while because we made the decision to avoid trivial updates that would prolong the core problems. Instead we've rebuilt the foundations of the game based on the strong feedback we've received from players. For this we also thank you - your involvement has literally reshaped the experience."

It's fair enough, to an extent. But while it sounds like the game was in need of the major restructure, it's a bit strange that they were otherwise so quiet about it. Developers are still figuring out the rules and best practices for early access projects, but "keep your community informed" would seem like a pretty solid one.

In addition to featuring less clicking, the god game has been redesigned in many other areas. The GUI has had an overhaul, the card system has been redesigned, and new god powers have been added. Features have also been removed - with the team deciding that things like the Story Mode were in need of more refinements. You can see the full feature list here .

Phil Savage
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