God's Trigger brings Hotline Miami-style co-op murder in April

Bloodthirsty top-down shooter God's Trigger pairs an angel with a demon as they attempt to halt the apocalypse by killing their way into Heaven. Judging by the trailer above, they make an awful mess. It's kicking in the Pearly Gates next month. 

Joe got into some shootouts a while back—give his God's Trigger hands-on (opens in new tab) a read—and compared it to a co-op Hotline Miami, which frankly sounds brilliant. 

Dressed in all white, I kick things off as Harry. My partner offs a couple of bad guys from the outset and I sweep up their fallen weapons. We clear the first room and move onto the next, which contains three stationary hostiles armed with guns and one patrolling baseball bat-wielding foe. After an obligatory amount of failure, I discover that by lining up the roaming baddy with the shotgunner across the room, I can waste two guards with one well-placed, door-breaking shot. I do so, and quickly follow up with a ricocheting crossbow bolt into the room before taking cover. After hitting a wall, it deals with a third aggressor, meaning all that's left is for my partner and I to double team the last one standing. 

Harry and Judy, the angel and demon, have different strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique weapons. Even when you're playing solo, however, you'll still be able to use both characters, switching between them at any time. The best co-op partner was inside you all along. Mind you, having someone else to blame for all the inevitable failures would be nice. 

God's Trigger is due out on April 18.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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