Go inside Sherlock Holmes' brain in Crimes and Punishments

It's possible that you haven't played the last six Sherlock Holmes games from Frogwares Studios, but you might want to pay attention to the upcoming Crimes and Punishments . It looks gorgeous in this most recent trailer, and adds some novel ideas to the adventure genre, like going inside Sherlock's brain to solve mysteries.

There are so many different Shelocks to choose from these days. Between the BBC's Sherlock , CBS's Elementary , and Robert Downey's cinematic take on the character, it must be hard to keep mining the same character. Crimes & Punishments' Sherlock seems most like Downey's version (down to the slow-motion assessing of the situation), but also finds a new way to visualize the mind of a detective. As you can see in the trailer, a new mechanic puts gives you an inside view of Sherlock's brain, where you'll connect different clues and suspects on the "deduction board" until you reach a conclusion.

Frogwares also asks that we make note of the motion captured animations, meticulously detailed faces, and lip-synced dialogue. Those do all look pretty great, significantly better than The Testament of Sherlock Holmes , the last game in the series released on PC.

In the game, you'll comb through the evidence, interview suspects and accuse the potential perpetrators yourself through six different cases. Think of it as an L.A. Noire set in 1887. Crimes and Punishments is set to release in the second quarter of 2014.