Glados hacking ARG player accounts, ominous messages emerge

Encoded message from Glados

The potato fools day ARG has taken a sinister turn. Key solvers of some of the ARG's puzzles have had their Steam accounts changed. ARG players have tried communicating with these players via Steam chat, and have been receiving deeply suspicious messages in return.

To add to this, players created a spectrogram of the latest Steamcast , and found a message from Glados within. You'll find the image below, along with a steam chat window showing an exchange with one of the hacked ARG players. You can keep up with the latest Valve ARG news on the Valve ARG wiki .

Here's the spectrogram of the latest Steamcast. The message is clearly visible.

Here's an exchange with one of the infected players.

At various intervals throughout the day, ARG participants talking to the infected players have found themselves in conversation with the mysterious Console. Players have been entering commands into Steam chat to rifle through the Console's file structure, picking out new number strings and messages that will unlock the final part of the ARG. Things are moving fast, and it feels as though we're in the endgame.

Tom Senior

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