Giveaway winners: Crysis 2 soundtrack [US only]


Maximum music. That's what the ten winners of the Crysis 2 soundtrack giveaway will be receiving shortly. If you missed out on the initial post, might we recommend that you "Like" us on Facebook ? You never know when we'll give something away on a whim, especially if it involves forcing the intern to draw a laughably-bad music sheet for a sight gag. Read on to see if you won, and what Nano[blank] the winners want to see in the Crysis universe.

Congrats to the following 10 winners! The winners will be contacted shortly—soon they'll be jamming to some soundtrack goodness while they wistfully dream of their Nano inventions becoming a reality. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Josh Collison: Nanopig, maximum bacon.

Samuel Hyde: Nanofacepalm. Invisible, extra strong, and extra fast. Perfect for parties with idiots.

Sean Lincoln : Nano banana. Shortened to Nanonana

Dan Lee: Nanoburger. That cloak will prevent it from being stolen by my asshole roommate.

JJ Hernandez: Nano-Toothpaste, Maximum Freshness.

Corbin S.B. : Nano-PEZ dispenser, because nothing says wasting the military defense budget than a device that gives out candy and can also cloak.

Austin K. Ballard: Nano-segway. Raaammming speeeeeed!

Alexander Florian Steciuch: Nano pogo stick. There I said it.

Harris Goode: Nano tube socks.

Nicholas Reid: Nano glowsticks for maximum brightness