Giveaway: Become one of The Chosen with a closed beta key!

Update: The winners have been Chosen! (See what I did there?) If you're one of the lucky winners, you'll be receiving your key shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Need more Asian spice in your MMO palate? Allow me to direct your attention to The Chosen, a free-to-play MMO that's been ported from China to the states by Snail Games. Now, admittedly, I know next to nothing about this game—but I'm a sucker for stories set in the turbulent Three Kingdoms period, and the Diablo-esque action looks to be right up my alley. Want to know how you can be one of the first to play The Chosen with access to the closed beta? Read on to find out how you too can become a true Dynasty warrior.

If you'd like to join the ranks of The Chosen, you've come to right place. To enter, simply leave a comment below saying, in whatever manner you choose, that you want a key! It's that simple! The first 50 people to comment, explicitly stating that they want in, will be emailed (via the email address connected to their account) a key with instructions. Now, get out there, and make the Emperor proud.