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Gigabyte bets on beryllium to separate newest gaming headset from the pack

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Almost every gaming headset that gets released seems to employ a neodymium magnet driver, usually with an emphasis on size. Gigabyte has chosen to go in a different direction with its Aorus H5 (opens in new tab). In an attempt to make its newest headset stand out, the Aorus H5 uses large 50mm beryllium metal drivers that are supposed to offer superior sound output.

Beryllium is touted (opens in new tab) for its stiffness-to-weight ratio, which can eliminate the need for surface treatments that might degrade sound. As such, beryllium speakers can offer high responsiveness and sound clarity without giving up bass response, if properly tuned.

The other advantage to beryllium (opens in new tab) is that sound travels fast and efficiently through it, resulting in sound breaking up at much higher frequencies. And when the breakup does happen, its stiffness reduces the effect.

None of this means the Aorus H5 is going to sound awesome, but until we have a chance to test drive the headset for ourselves, all we have to go on are the specs and what they imply. We're eager to see if it can muscle its way onto our list of the top gaming headsets, a list that's currently headlined by the HyperX Cloud Revolver (see here for our wireless headset picks).

Beyond the large beryllium drivers, the Aorus H5 features cushioned earcups and a lightweight frame. It also has a suspended headband to spread the weight out evenly.

There is a detachable microphone that is also bendable, and in-line controls that offer up volume and mute.

You will need to tap into your system's sound system (onboard sound or a discrete soundcard), as this connects via 3.5mm speaker jack. There is a USB connector too, but it's only used for RGB lighting.

Gigabyte did not say when the Aorus H5 will be available or for how much.

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