"Gift Scene Investigation" - PC Gamer's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

USB typewriter, $550, Etsy

Fact: Santa only accepts letters written on anachronistic peripherals. Wired-up to accept modern USB interfaces, this ancient instrument has all the tactile satisfaction of machinery without the need for ink.

VXT4W, $999, KRK Systems

The most hardcore developers spend weeks recording the report of a rifle. The most hardcore gamers spend a grand to hear them the way the developers did.

KP3 Touchpad Dynamic Effect Sampler, $350, ThinkGeek

You plug in your guitar, or your MP3 player, and move your finger around the touchpad to dynamically control the built-in effects. Once you hear what comes out, you'll never settle for unflavored music ever again.

World of Warcraft: The Board Game, $90, Fantasy Flight Games

It took an entire team of nerds to pick up the pieces--rife with detail for up to six players, the WoW board game includes 135 plastic figures, 450 cards, and 21 dice.

Litter Robot II, $330, Litter Robot

Avoid a catassing cataclysm this Christmas with a robotic litterbox that automatically stashes the goods out of nose's reach.

LED Work Gloves, $15, ThinkGeek

When you aren't fake-flying around your bedroom, arms-outstretched, pretending you're Iron Man, these illuminating gloves shine a light on your components when you're elbow-deep in your PC case.

Fuzion City Glide Scooter, $60, Fuzion Scooter

Traverse crash sites without leaving potentially-incriminating footprints behind. The wide wheelbase absorbs rugged sidewalks and office carpet alike.


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