"Gift Scene Investigation" - PC Gamer's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

*holds hard hat to chest, emits single tear*

A flash of light. A shower of gifts. A tangle of broken antlers. What happened on that fateful evening? Last night, an unidentified aircraft splashed into the bay bordering PC Gamer's office, scattering a trail of gamer-friendly gifts upon our lawn. We may never know if it was aurora borealis, a particularly aggressive wind, or PC Gamer's rooftop anti-sleigh missile battery that claimed the vehicle from the sky.

When our Important Red Telephone rang, our intrepid editors sprang into action, donning their accident investigation gear to examine the vehicle's precious cargo, which we've documented within.

Star Wars AT-AT, $100, Hasbro

If a team of nine of these two-foot-tall quadrupedal Imperial war machines had towed Santa's sleigh, disaster might've been averted.

Left 4 Dead Boomer Plush, $35, Valve Store

L4D's rotundest undead doubles as a floatation device and adorable, poison-filled pillow.

Belkin Conserve Insight, $30, Belkin

This electro-middleman monitors the power impact made by your PC in dollars or in watts.

WoW Wallet, $25, Wowhead Store

Even if all that's ever found of you is your wallet, your allegiance to The Horde will never be in dispute.

Dragon Age Dark Fantasy Roleplaying, $30, Green Ronin

Dungeons & Dragons is one of our after-work vices here at PC Gamer, but we can't help but think it'd be better in a universe we're heavily familiar with. (Josh, you get to play Morrigan. --Ed.)

Looxcie Camera, $200, Looxcie

Like a black box for your face, the Looxcie wearable camera sees what you see and records video--for four hours.

FroliCat Bolt, $35, FroliCat

Even when the owner's away, the cat will play. It's also the closest most of us will ever come to owning a laser turret.

Gunnar Phenom Eyewear, $99, Gunnar

If you're gaming right, the sun isn't the light source that's threatening your precious vision--it's your monitor. Shield your sockets from fatigue with Gunnar's shades.

Ergodex Triple Monitor Mount, $310, ErgoTech

If you're going to invest in three displays, frame them on a military-grade rack. Ergotech's steel backbones are sturdy enough to survive a crash, bumped desk, or minor seismic event.


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