Ghost Trick, which has the best dog in videogames, has been rated for PC in Korea

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Once again the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea seems to have come through with a hint about an upcoming game. It was thanks to them we got an early clue about the Mass Effect remaster, as well as Sunset Overdrive's PC port, and a Silent Hill game was classified there a month ahead of the series' revival being made public. Now a PC version of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective—a Capcom puzzle adventure developed for the Nintendo DS and released outside Japan in 2011—has been rated in Korea, as spotted by Gematsu.

As Gematsu notes, Ghost Trick is listed with Gamepia as its publisher, the company responsible for distributing other Capcom games in Korea like the Resident Evil 4 remake. It sure seems like we can expect a Ghost Trick remaster for PC in the near future.

Ghost Trick is a 2D adventure game about a funky-haired ghost who solves puzzles by possessing objects to manipulate them poltergeist-style, setting off increasingly complicated Rube Goldberg chain reactions. He can also jump into corpses to travel back to the moments before their death, then try to tweak events to save their life. 

It's a bit of a cult classic thanks to some wonderfully fluid and characterful animations, and an excellent dog named Missile. Missile is a pomeranian who serves as your sidekick, and is a good boy. Ghost Trick's writer and director Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney series, based Missile on his own dog (and snuck him into the Ace Attorney games as well, though he's a shiba inu there). Takumi has said he'd like to make a sequel, or even a crossover between Ghost Trick and Ace Attorney, but in the meantime a remaster sure would be nice.

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