Ghost Story Games, formerly Irrational Games, is in the later stages of production on its immersive sim

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Back in 2017, a few years after Ken Levine announced that Irrational Games was winding down, the BioShock developer finally ceased to exist. From the ashes, however, came Ghost Story Games, formed by what remained of the team, including Levine. Three years on, what it's been cooking up under that new name remains a mystery. 

We know it's an immersive sim. That nugget came from a job listing for the art team, which described it as an "ambitious project in the immersive sim genre," built in Unreal Engine and using lots of environmental storytelling. Aside from that and later job listings, there's been hardly a peep from the studio. 

Once again we must delve into the Take-Two careers page to squeeze some precious details out of the studio. Gamespot spotted another one yesterday, advertising for a senior producer. 

"We’re working on a new immersive sci-fi game with RPG elements," the listing reads. "We haven’t announced any details yet because we are still in later stages of production." 

Those are the only game details offered, so still very sparse, though the fact that it's in the later stages of production is new information. It has been in development since 2017, though, so it's also not a surprise.  

Ghost Story Games currently employs around 35 people, so it's grown by about ten since the rebranding. That still makes it quite a small studio, though seeing what small studios are able to create these days, it's hard to say how that will affect the scope of the game. There's a good chance it won't be quite as lavish as BioShock, but then again it still has the backing of Take-Two and all its resources. 

There's still no hint of when a reveal might be coming, so in the meantime we'll have to be content with speculation. 

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