Ghost Recon Wildlands real-life drug trade documentary out now

Back in February, Ubisoft announced it was making a documentary about the real-life drug trade in Bolivia. Originally designed as a marketing tool for Ghost Recon Wildlands, the film ultimately grew in scope and we were told it'd land on March 6 in time for the game's launch. 

It didn't, but the feature-length project, titled 'Wildlands', is out now some eight months down the line.

Featuring a host of ex-drug traffickers and front-line law enforcement figures—not least George Jung, portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 2001 movie Blow—the documentary is said to "explore the real-life stories of key figures, who have been at the centre of the war on drugs over the last 30 years." 

Here's a trailer:

"We spoke to the people who know the drug trade better than anyone else—iconic characters, from either side of the law, who have defined this continent’s notorious image," the film's director Colin Offland explains. "The war on drugs is a complex one and we give viewers unprecedented insight into the people who have shaped this landscape, enabling a better understanding of a global issue which affects us all.

"When we finished the original edit, we felt that there were a few loose strands connecting the past to the modern-day cocaine trade and it was a key decision to delay the launch and protect the integrity of the story that we wanted to tell. For the first time as a viewer, you can see an abridged, true depiction of the birth and proliferation of the cocaine trade."

Wildlands is out now—more information can be found here. If you fancy it, it can be purchased from iTunes here, or from Amazon here.