Ghost Recon: Future Soldier released. Day one patch included

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is now Ghost Recon: Present Soldier. Except in the UK, where's he's Ghost Recon: Coming Out Tomorrow, Honestly Guv Soldier. Yes the high tech manshooter has finally arrived on PC, after the customary last minute Ubisoft delay . He's brought along his good friend: Private Day One Patch.

The PC version of Ubisoft's near future shooter seems to be encountering some issues, with users on the Steam Forums complaining of buggy WASD controls. Hopefully this patch will fix those issues.

Here are the patch notes, from Blues News

  • Improved stability in online multiplayer matches.
  • Improved voice chat quality for PCs running Windows Vista.
  • Improved navigation through game's menus.
  • Introduced 6-man party system in the multiplayer game mode.
  • Balanced several weapons (assault rifles, SMSGs, handguns, shotguns).
  • Balanced equipment (grenades, flash bang, EMP, stun guns, number of drones in match).
  • Adjusted aim sensitivity and quick scope.
  • Fixed map exploits.
  • Adjusted melee.
  • Adjusted XP values.
  • Several technical / network improvements.

Have you been playing Ghost Recon? Have you encountered any technical issues? Also: which is better, a Future Soldier or an Advanced Warfighter?