Get up to 75 percent off top strategy games in Humble Store's Strategy Week

Determining the best strategy games on PC is no easy feat, but it's hard to argue with sales that offer up to 75 percent off some of the genre's best. Humble Store's Strategy Week (opens in new tab) does just that and is live now through the rest of this week. 

Packing close to 50 games, personal highlights from the digital distributor's Strategy Week include both The Banner Saga (opens in new tab) and its follow-up The Banner Saga 2 (opens in new tab), which are subject to a 40 and 25 percent reduction and come in at £8.99/$11.99 and £11.24/$14.99. Mode 7's wonderful turn-based tactics game Frozen Synapse (opens in new tab) has a 75 percent discount and is a steal at £4.74/$6.25; while Endless Legend (opens in new tab) is £5.74/$7.50 with the same percentile saving. 

If you do decide to stop in at Amplitude's 4X fantasy endeavour, know that its equally impressive Shadows (opens in new tab) and Guardians (opens in new tab) DLC packs are also on sale for £2.49/$3.25 and £1.74/$2.50. 

Other bargains include Steamworld Heist (opens in new tab) for £5.49/$7.50 half price, and its The Outsider (opens in new tab) add-on for £1.99/$2.50. As always, though, I'd love to hear your own deals of choice in the comments below.

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